Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok, so CSN Stores has contacted me to do a review. First I have to say that CSN Stores is simply amazing. Yes, honestly. It's all of my favorite stores put together... general items, toys, house appliences, etc. They have EVERYTHING.

I ended up doing a review on a SUPER cute LEOPARD print recliner for Bentley. FIRST, let me mention... I did pay EXTRA to review this product and it was defintely worth it. I have never seen anything like. Well, I take that back... I have seen many kids chairs, couches, etc. but nothing of this quality and PRINT. If you know me I love the animal print... yes, still. haha!!

I could not have been more happy with this purchase from CSN Stores. I am suppose to list any negatives but I really don't have any.

I was bummed when it says I would receive it in a week from the order date... BUT I was bouncing off the walls when it was delivered TWO days from placing the order. =)

Bentley was a little "iffy" about it at first. I could only imagine... how many cool chairs do you see like this.

But it didn't take long. It sits in our living room and she really enjoys drinking her "milk" in it. Not sure if I have ever mentioned or not but Bentley always lays down to drink her milk. Every time she drinks her sippy cup, etc. she has ALWAYS laid down. Always. Not because we made her, just her choice. So it's really nice... she climbs right on her cool little chair, reclines back, and drinks her milk. =) It's so cute. There is even a cup holder.

It is clearly a huge hit in our house. =) It's nice to know that Bentley will be able to "grow" with this chair. And there are so many other prints if your not a fan on leopard print.
And would you believe this BIG item had free shipping. I love free shipping!!! =)


  1. That's awesome and free shipping too?!! What a great deal!

  2. I am so excited! Now I am becoming a follower!


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